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Fearless Forecast
Updated 11/21/01
Euphy's Fearless Forecast  for the AFC East Second-Half

Jets - (7-3)
New England
@ Pittsburgh
@ Indianapolis
@ Oakland

The Jets are playing defense as well as any NFL team right now and they could win all their remaining games. More likely, they will drop at least two. Figure them to struggle against the Patriots if Brady plays and both Pittsburgh and Oakland are very tough road games. Odds are they finish 11- 5 with only one division loss. What a shame.

Dolphins - (6-3)
@ Buffalo
@ San Francisco
@ New England

Predicting how Miami plays in the wake of their humiliating 8th straight loss to the Jets is a major guess. The only spot on their remaining schedule that should be worrisome is the road game at San Francisco but, as Dolphin fans well know, Miami has a penchant for late-season slides. Figure them for at least two more losses, possibly three and they finish 10- 6 with say three division losses. If so, Wannstedt should go - but he won't.

Patriots - (5-5)
New Orleans
@ NY Jets
@ Buffalo
@ Carolina

The Patriots have the easiest remaining play list for the AFC-E teams that matter. Unfortunately, they are going to have to deal with the Bledsoe issue - at some point allowing Drew to retake the reins. How fitting if that debut comes against the Jets and Drew could take some "Mo" hits. Figure them to lose to the Saints, Jets and either Miami or the Browns while they deal with their quarterback issue. Final record 8 - 8.

Colts - (4-5)
San Francisco
@ Baltimore
@ Miami
NY Jets
@ St. Louis

The Colts are in deep manure. There are at least three games left on their itinerary that could easily be losses. If James does not return and their defense continues to fail them, they could easily lose five or more. Having already booked 5 losses, they will be fortunate if they manage finish 8 - 8. This team is "Mora-bund."

Bills - (1-8)

Never mind.

So... Here are your AFC Playoff teams:

Division winners:      Steelers, Raiders, Jets
Wildcard teams:      Dolphins, Ravens, Seahawks

Does this sound hauntingly familiar? If I recall my playoff protocol correctly, this should send the Seahawks to the Meadowlands in the Wild Card round and perhaps the Ravens to Miami. Regardless, the Dolphins will get thumped badly in their elimination game. It's just a matter of following the script.