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Early 1st Round Mock
Updated 01/02/02

- Detroit Lions trade the #3 pick to the Cleveland Browns for the #10 pick, 2nd round and 4th round picks in 2002, and 4th round pick in 2003.
- New England Patriots trade QB Drew Bledsoe to the Chicago Bears for the #30 pick, 3rd rounder in 2002, and 2nd round pick in 2003.

1) Houston Texans select DT John Henderson, Tennessee.
I still have that image in my head of Dom Capers giving up two first rounders and $50 mil for Sean Gilbert, hoping that he would become a dominator in the 3-4. Henderson could fulfill this role.

2) Carolina Panthers (1-15) select DE Julius Peppers, North Carolina.
The Panthers need more speed on defense, and they'll get that here in Peppers. He and Rucker off the edges will take pressure off the secondary.

3) Cleveland Browns (6-10) [From Detroit Lions] select OT Bryant McKinnie, Miami (FL)
The selection of Warren last year told me that Butch Davis is making OL and DL his top priorities. With very few franchise runners or receivers in this draft, Davis could trade up for his former pupil. I don't like predicting trades, but I couldn't resist here.

4) Buffalo Bills (3-13) select QB Chris Carr, Frenso St.
If the top 3 go as I predicted, Carr would be a no brainer for the Bills. An offensive cast of Henry, Centers, Moulds, Price, and Riemersma will finally be maximized. For the first time since Jim Kelly retired, the Bills will have an undisputed QB.

5) Cincinnati Bengals (5-11) select QB Joey Harrington, Oregon.
Questionable arm strength? NON-SENSE!!
Remember the Bengals nearly drafted Drew Brees #4 overall last season.

6) Dallas Cowboys (5-11) select RB Willie Green, Boston College.
Believe it or not, the Cowboys defense has quietly put together one heck of a season. With this in mind, Jones will ignore the needs at CB. If Quincy Carter is his Troy Aikman, William Green could be his Emmitt Smith.

7) Minnesota Vikings (5-11) select DT Jimmy Kennedy, Penn St.
If Kennedy comes out, I see him in the Top 10 by draft day, possibly even ahead of Wendell Bryant. He and Hovan will set the tone for a struggling defense. Denny Green has ignored the CB position so much that it's frustrating me... and I'm a Dolphins fan!

8) Kansas City Chiefs (5-11) select CB Phillip Buchanon, Miami (FL).
With Alexander and Sly Mo expected back next season, as well as Snoop Minnis, Eddie Kennison, and possibly Az Hakim, the Chiefs should ignore the WR position until the middle rounds. If Eric Warfield darts, the Chiefs CB position would be hurting. Buchanon and Jammer could be fighting for the #1 CB spot up until draft day.

9) Indianapolis Colts (6-10) select CB Quentin Jammer, Texas.
Look for the starting tandem of Jeff Burris and David Macklin to be replaced next season with Nick Harper and a rookie like Jammer.

10) Detroit Lions (2-14) [from Cleveland] select DT Wendell Bryant, Wisconsin.
Bryant and Rogers, two young studs that can rush the QB and stop the run, would be a formidable duo inside.

11) San Diego Chargers (6-10) select OT Mike Pearson, Florida.
Daimon McIntosh struggled at LT this year, and could move to RT or G. Pearson would add stability to an otherwise pitiful OL.

12) Atlanta Falcons (6-10) select RB T.J. Duckett, Michigan St.
It may take Jamal Anderson until 2003 to fully recover from an ankle injury. He'll be 31 by then. Duckett, a big brusing back in the Anderson mold, makes sense here.

13) Jacksonville Jaguars (6-10) select WR Josh Reed, LSU.
After the season, the Jaguars will begin their "rebuilding mode". Fred Taylor, Keenan McCardell, Gary Walker, Hardy Nickerson, and Kevin Hardy all likely will not be brought back. I foresee the Jaguars making a commitment to Stacey Mack, and having faith in a young Front 7 that has played well as of late. The WR position? That's a problem if McCardell is not brought back. After the problems with R.Jay Soward, Reed will be a refreshing change. His strength, hands, and ability to get YAC will make him the perfect compliment to Jimmy Smith.

14) New York Giants (7-9) select OT Mike Williams, Texas.
The Giants foolishly believed that an aging OL without depth could hold up over a full season. The selection of Williams to play RT, and moving Petitgout to LT, will be a great youth movement for the team.

15) Arizona Cardinals (7-9) select DT Larry Triplett, Washington.
Triplett is the relentless, physical run plugger that Dave McGinnis will fall in love on draft day.

16) Washington Redskins (8-8) select DT Anthony Weaver, Notre Dame.
Weaver would add an inside pass rush, but could also be the heir apparent to Bruce Smith.... or maybe both.

17) Denver Broncos (8-8) select WR Marquis Walker, Michigan.
The Broncos struck out with Marcus Nash in '98. Will their luck change with Walker?

18) New Orleans Saints (8-8) select CB Dennis Weathersby, Oregon St.
Umm... who are the Saints CBs again?

19) New York Jets (9-7) select LB E.J. Henderson, Maryland.
If the Jets want to go younger at the MLB position, Marvin Jones could be released. Henderson would be a steal at this point, further improving youth and talent on the Jets Front 7.

20) Tennessee Titans (9-7) select S Roy Williams, Oklahoma.
Meet the heir apparent to Blaine Bishop.

21) Seattle Seahawks select (9-7) DE Kalimba Edwards, South Carolina.
Sinclair has been an underachiever for years.... Edwards could fall right into their laps with his recent injury.

22) Tampa Bay Bucs (10-6) select G Toniu Fonoti, Nebraska.
Randall McDaniel and Jeff Christy are slowing down, and the Bucs need more youth to mix with Cosey Coleman and Kenyatta Walker.

23) Baltimore Ravens (10-6) select OT Victor Rogers, Colorado.
Although overshadowed by the more dominant Andre Gurode, Rogers could become a great RT at the next level. The loss of Leon Searcy may have been as big as Jamal Lewis.... I mean, have you seen Sammy Williams and Kipp Vickers try to play RT?

24) Philadelphia Eagles (10-6) select DT Alan Harper, Fresno St.
The Eagles need a pass rusher at the DT position to compliment the outside rush of Hugh Douglas and Derrick Burgess.

25) Miami Dolphins (11-5) select G Andre Gurode, Colorado.
If the Dolphins can get a dominant RG, like Andre Gurode, Todd Perry could move to LG, where he is more comfortable, and Dixon could possibly move to LT. Either way, Gurode is an interior dominator that would give the Dolphins options along the OL, where they've struggled greatly this year.

26) Oakland Raiders (11-5) select DT Nate Dwyer, Kansas.
With Darrell Russell's on and off the field problems, a DT is needed to compliment Grady Jackson. Dwyer could sneak into the first round.

27) New England Patriots (11-5) select TE Dan Graham, Colorado
The Patriots have a combined 17 catches for 109 yards this season from their TE position... 'nuff said.

28) San Francisco 49ers (11-5) select WR Ron Johnson, Minnesota.
J.J. Stokes and Tai Streets have failed to replace Jerry Rice as the possession WR in the West Coast Offense. Look for a WR here.

29) Green Bay Packers (12-4) select DT Ryan Sims, North Carolina.
While veterans Santana Dotson, Gilbert Brown, Russell Maryland, and Jim Flanigan have given the Packers solid production at the DT position over the last two years, youth is desperately needed on the interior line.

30) New England Patriots [from Chicago Bears] select CB Keyou Craver, Nebraska.
Terrance Shaw... Terrell Buckley... Tebucky Jones... Kato Serwanga... Chris Canty.... Steve Israel.... will the Patriots EVER find a CB to compliment Law? Otis Smith is the closest they've had to date...

31) Pittsburgh Steelers (13-3) select LB LeVar Fisher, North Carolina St.
The Steelers already have two young stud LBs in Joey Porter and Kendrell Bell. Fisher will only add fuel to the fire.

32) St. Louis Rams (14-2) select WR Cliff Russell, Utah.
6-0, 180 pound WR with 4.27/40 speed. Sounds like a Mike Martz draft pick to me...

It's my first mock, so go easy on me.... I didn't include Miami (FL) DT William Joseph, Florida WR Jabar Gaffney, or any other JRs that I don't think will declare. I didn't put a ridiculous amount of time into this, so there may be a mistake here or there. Any yes, I did throw in a few surprises. I'd appreciate any comments or criticisms....