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Q&A With Big John
Updated 03/02/02

The eÜphypress tracked down ABC's newest color guy and got his thoughts on
a couple of pertinent questions. Thought you might be amused.

Q: John, how will your new job be different?

JM:  "Well, this will be Monday night. See at FOX and CBS, we did games
that were on Sunday. Boom! Now the game is on Monday. You know that's
gotta be different. Plus it's probably always going to be dark out and I'm
going to make a whole lot more money!"

Q: Are you going to miss working with Pat?

JM:  "Yeah. Now here's a guy that put away some booze. I mean this guy
could drink. Lots of guys can drink - you know - some beer, wine maybe
some whiskey. But this guy could drink anything and boy did he drink.  I
never saw a kicker that could drink that much."

Q: Will it be harder to prepare for the games they do on ABC since you
have always been associated with NFC broadcasts?

JM:  "Nah, but I might have to put some of those AFC guys on my team. You
know I have my All-Madden thing every year. I pick the best guys, the
tough guys for my team. I hear they have some players in that other league
that might be pretty good - I guess they even won a couple of Super Bowls.
I might pick some of those guys now - what the heck - I'll be doing some
of their games! Heh, heh."

Q:  John, your fear of flying is well known - even before 9-11. Are you
still going to be able to use your bus to get to all the games?

JM:  "That's going to be tough. They tell me we do a game called the "Pro
Bowl" over at ABC - in Honolulu - you know Hawaii? I think that's an
island or something. Anyway, my driver says there aren't any bridges or