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3 Round Mock Draft
Updated 04/19/02

I meant to have a 7 Round Mock by today.  Unfortunetly, because of computer errors that I won't get into detail about, that hasn't happened.  But hopefully this 3-round mock provides some entertainment.   

Round 1
- Cowboys trade #6 pick to Saints for #13 pick, 2nd and 6th rounders.  
- Falcons trade #17 pick to Rams for #32 pick, 2nd and 5th rounders.  

1) Houston Texans  -  QB David Carr, Fresno St.
No need to analyze any longer.  Iím just trying to figure out why teams take so long to make the #1 overall pick when theyíve already reached any agreement.

2) Carolina Panthers  -  DE Julius Peppers, North Carolina
So, the Panthers are entertaining the idea of taking shutdown CB Quentin Jammer, eh?  Donít believe it.  New H.C. John Fox needs a Michael Strahan on this defense.  

3) Detroit Lions  -  QB Joey Harrington, Oregon.  
In early February, I predicted that Marty Mohrninweg would fall more and more in love with Harrington as April 20th approached.  I really should have stuck to my guns on that one, as Iíve predicted the Lions to take Jammer in my last few mock drafts.  

4) Buffalo Bills  -  DT Ryan Sims, North Carolina
As is the case every year, the #4 pick is where things get interesting.  OT Mike Williams is a possibility, but Iíve said since February that I canít imagine Gregg Williams going into the season with Leif Larsen and Kendrick Office starting on the DL.    

5) San Diego Chargers -  CB Quentin Jammer, Texas.  
Marty Schottenheimer will be pleasently surprised to see Jammer still available at the #5 spot.  Heíll hold off on OL until the 2nd or 3rd round.  

6) New Orleans Saints* -  CB Phillip Buchanon, Miami (FL)
The Saints wonít get the shutdown CB they need to offset the losses of Glover and Johnson unless they trade up.  Jerry Jones may be willing to listen.

7) Minnesota Vikings  -  OT Bryant McKinnie, Miami (FL)
With the obvious exception of Pro Bowl center Matt Birk, the Vikings OL is in dire straights.  Plug McKinnie in at LT and forget about a blindside pass rush.    

8) Kansas City Chiefs  -  DT Albert Haynesworth, Tennessee
Even if Sims is off the board, look for them to draft a DT.  Haynesworth is the interior dominator that the Chiefs need.  

9) Jacksonville Jaguars -  DT Wendall Bryant, Wisconsin
Like almost every  rebuilding defense, the Jaguars will try to build from the trenches out.  While Henderson offers more potential, Bryantís non-stop motor and pass rush ability will be a perfect compliment to Marcus Stroud.   

10) Cincinnati Bengals  -  OT Mike Williams, Texas.   
With Harrington, Buchanon, and Jammer off the board, the Bengals take their LT of the future.  

11) Indianapolis Colts  -    S Roy Williams, Oklahoma
What would the Bucs D have been without John Lynch patroling the middle? Dungy will be asking himself the same question.  

12) Arizona Cardinals  -  DE Charles Grant, Georgia
The team needs DL... and fast.  Henderson is the highest rated player on the board, but his work ethic and prior injuries make him no sure thing.  Grant will help on run and pass downs.  

13) Dallas Cowboys  -  RB William Green, Boston College
If the Cowboys trade down, they could be looking for Emmitt Smithís replacement.  Jeremy Shockey and Donte Stallworth are possibilities if they fall, too.  

14) Tennessee Titans  -  DT John Henderson, Tennessee
The last time a physical specimen fell to the Titans in the middle portion of RD1, Jevon Kearse went on to win rookie of the year.  

15) New York Giants  -  WR Donte Stallworth, Tennessee
The Giants really like Jeremy Shockey, but what if Stallworth unexpectedly falls to #15? He would make a great replacement for Ike Hilliard in a few years.  

16) Cleveland Browns  -  RB T.J. Duckett, Michigan St.
Please Butch, donít go into the season with James Jackson, Ben Gay, and Jamel White again..

17) St. Louis Rams*  -  LB Napolean Harris, Northwestern
The Falcons want to trade down, and the Rams want to trade up for a shot at Harris or a WR.  

18) Washington Redskins -  QB Patrick Ramsey, Tulane
The first major curveball of the draft is Ramsey to the Redskins.  He is the smart pocket-passer that Steve Spurrier needs to run his offense.  

19) Denver Broncos  -    S LaMont Thompson, Washington St.
Mike Shanahan loves size and athleticism above all else in his safeties, and is never afraid to reach for a player that he loves.  Thompson will start at FS, allowing the team to keep Willie Middlebrooks at CB.  

20) Seattle Seahawks  -  TE Jeremy Shockey, Miami (FL)
A dream come true for Mike Holmgren as Shockey will be the Mark Chmura of this offense.  

21) Oakland Raiders  -             WR Ashley Lelie, Hawaii
Lelie vowed to run a sub 4.3/40 at his individual workout and could find out that talk is cheap on draft day.  Lelie will succeed Jerry Rice.  

22) New York Jets  -  DT Eddie Freeman, Alabama-Birmingham
With all DTís off the board so soon, Freeman is an intriguing raw prospect.  

23) Oakland Raiders  -  CB Mike Rumph, Miami (FL)
Eric Allen is entering his 14th and final  NFL season; a replacement is needed with no young CBís on the roster.  

24) Baltimore Ravens  -  OT Levi Jones, Arizona St.
Simply put, this team needs everything.  Finding a RT to play opposite Jonathan Ogden is a wise choice.  

25) New Orleans Saints -    G Kendall Simmons, Auburn
While Gurode and Fonoti are rated higher, they donít offer the same versatility that Simmons does.  Heíll succeed either Wally Williams and Jerry Fontenot, who are 32 and 34.

26) Philadelphia Eagles -    G Andre Gurode, Colorado
John Welbourn and Jermaine Mayberry donít offer much assistance in the run game.  Run blocking is Gurodeís specialty.  

27) San Francisco 49ers -            WR Josh Reed, LSU
The ĎNiners are looking for CBís and DL, but would they pass on John Reed if he were available?
28) Green Bay Packers -  WR Jabar Gaffney, Florida
Like with the 49ers and Reed, Gaffney is too talented to pass up here.  

29) Chicago Bears  -  DE Bryan Thomas, Alabama-Birmingham
Freeney is the best player on the board, but may have limited long term potential as an every down end.  

30) Pittsburgh Steelers -  LB Kalimba Edwards, South Carolina
Cowher laughed at the possibility of Edwards falling to the Steelers at #30 a month ago.   

31) Atlanta Falcons*  -  DT Larry Tripplett, Washington
The Falcons could do the same thing the Steelers did a year ago when they traded down to select Casey Hampton, a prototypical 3-4 NT.  This move will show a dedication to a 3-4 defense.  

32) New England Patriots -  DE Ryan Denney, BYU
3rd curveball in the first round (there are usually 3) is Denney.  He could be a terrific base end in Belichickís defense.  

Round 2
33) Houston Texans  -    S Ed Reed, Miami (FL)
34) Carolina Panthers  -  RB Clinton Portis, Miami (FL)
35) Detroit Lions  -  TE Daniel Graham, Colorado
36) Buffalo Bills  -    S Michael Lewis, Colorado
37) Dallas Cowboys  -  WR Javon Walker, Florida St.
38) Minnesota Vikings -    G Toniu Fonoti, Nebraska
39) San Diego Chargers -  WR Reche Caldwell, Florida
40) Jacksonville Jaguars -  OT Mike Pearson, Florida
41) Cincinnati Bengals  -  TE Matt Schobel, TCU
42) Indianapolis Colts  -  DE Dwight Freeney, Syracuse
43) Kansas City Chiefs -  WR Antonio Bryant, Pittsburgh
44) Dallas Cowboys*  -  TE Doug Jolley, BYU
45) Tennessee Titans  -     C LeCharles Bentley, Ohio St.
46) New York Giants  -  TE Jerramy Stevens, Ohio St.
47) Cleveland Browns  -  OT Marc Colombo, Boston College
48) San Diego Chargers -  DT Anthony Weaver, Notre Dame
49) Arizona Cardinals  -  DT Justin Bannan, Colorado
50) Houston Texans  -  RB DeShaun Foster, UCLA
51) Denver Broncos  -  LB LeVar Fisher, North Carolina St.
52) Washington Redskins -     S Jon McGraw, Kansas St.
53) Oakland Raiders  -  DE Dennis Johnson, Kentucky
54) Seattle Seahawks  -  DE Anton Palepoi, UNLV
55) Oakland Raiders  -  LB Robert Thomas, UCLA
56) Baltimore Ravens  -  CB Lito Sheppard, Florida
57) New York Jets  -  CB Joseph Jefferson, Western Kentucky
58) Philadelphia Eagles -  CB Tony Beckham, Wisconsin-Stout
59) Philadelphia Eagles -  WR Tim Carter, Auburn
60) Green Bay Packers -     S Melvin Mitchell, Western Kentucky
61) San Francisco 49ers -  CB Rashad Bouman, Oregon
62) Pittsburgh Steelers -  TE Randy McMichael, Georgia
63) Chicago Bears  -  CB Brian Williams, North Carolina St.  
64) Atlanta Falcons*  -  WR Andre Davis, Virginia Tech
65) New England Patriots -   LB Ben Leber, Kansas St.

Round 3
66) Houston Texans  -  WR Marquise Walker, Michigan
67) Carolina Panthers  -  CB Keyou Craver, Nebraska
68) Detroit Lions  -   LB Trev Faulk, LSU
69) Buffalo Bills  -   C Melvin Fowler Jr., Maryland
70) Minnesota Vikings -    S Tank Williams, Stanford
71) San Diego Chargers -   G Terrance Metcalf, Mississippi
72) Dallas Cowboys  -  CB Roosevelt Williams, Tuskegee
73) Cincinnati Bengals  -  QB Kurt Kittner, Illinois
74) Indianapolis Colts  -    G Martin Bibla, Miami (FL)
75) Kansas City Chiefs -  LB David Thornton, North Carolina
76) Jacksonville Jaguars -  RB Lamar Gordon, North Dakota St.
77) Tennessee Titans  -  LB Raonall Smith, Washington St.
78) New York Giants  -    G Steve Edwards, Central Florida
79) Cleveland Browns  -    G Eric Heitmann, Stanford
80) Atlanta Falcons  -    S Ramon Walker, Pittsburgh
81) Arizona Cardinals  -  RB Adrian Peterson, Georgia Southern
82) New Orleans Saints -  LB James Allen, Oregon St.
83) Houston Texans  -    G Fred Weary, Tennessee
84) St. Louis Rams  -  DT Alan Harper, Fresno St.
85) Seattle Seahawks  -  LB Saleem Rasheed, Alabama
86) Tampa Bay Bucs  -  RB Maurice Morris, Oregon
87) Baltimore Ravens  -  DT Dorsett Davis, Mississippi St.
88) New York Jets  -    G Ed TaíAmu, Utah
89) Oakland Raiders  -  QB Josh McCown, Sam Houston St.
90) Miami Dolphins  -  LB Rocky Calmus, Oklahoma
91) Philadelphia Eagles -  DT Nate Dwyer, Kansas
92) Green Bay Packers -  LB Andra Davis, Florida
93) Chicago Bears  -  TE Darnell Sanders, Ohio St.
94) Pittsburgh Steelers -  WR Antwan Randle-El, Indiana
95) St. Louis Rams  -  WR Kelly Campbell, Georgia Tech
96) New England Patriots -  WR Terry Charles, Portland St.
97) Buffalo Bills (COMP) -   DE Kenyon Coleman, UCLA
98) Arizona Cardinals (COMP) -    WR Donnie OíNeal, Arizona St.

Dolphins Mock...
3) LB Rocky Calmus, Oklahoma.  
The Dolphins need a LB that can step in at any of the 3 LB spots at a moments notice and play special teams.  If Calmus adds strength, he could be special.  

4) DE Jarvis Green, LSU.  
Green is a powerful run-stuffer that offers little on passing downs... just like Kenny Mixon.  Depth is needed behind Gardener at DE.

5)   G Quasim Mitchell, North Carolina A&T.  
Tony Wise would appreciate the selection of a raw specimen like Mitchell to groom for the future.  

5)   C Jason Ball, New Hampshire.    
The Dolphins just can't seem to get rid of Ruddy.  Ball, like Mitchell, faced a lower level of competition and will probably take a few years to groom.  

7) RB Jonathan Reese, Colombia.  
The Dolphins attended a private workout for the Columbia star, who ran a 4.52 at 6-1, 215 pounds.  He can return kicks, too.  

I'd appreciate any comments or criticisms.  

Enjoy all 17 hours!