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A Look at The Dolphin Roster

Actually, I was in the midst of writing this when the Miami Herald published an article very similar to this one. So I shelved it.  But after a week or so, I figured I'd go ahead and finish it anyway. I figured, "What the Hell. It's going to be a long seven months."

Jay Fiedler - Dave Wannstedt will stick by Fiedler. So fans had better hope that he continues to improve. And we'll need a quality backup since it isn't a matter of IF Fiedler gets hurt, but when.
Ray Lucas - He went from the "hero of the preseason" to scapegoat in one game. The coaches and players like him, but that won't be enough to save him.
Sage Rosenfelds - This coming training camp/preseason will be very telling for Mr. Rosenfelds. But I still expect Miami to bring in a backup QB.

Ricky Williams - 1853 yards was beyond any of our expectations. What a waste! We can only hope that he can put up comparable numbers next season.
Travis Minor - Did a very good job as a kick returner (the last game not withstanding.) Too bad that so many of his excellent returns were called back by idiotic penalties.  He also did a decent job as a 3rd down back. His job should be safe for another season.
Sedric Irvin - If this guy makes the final roster, he'll do the same thing Robert Edwards did towards the end of this season; ride the pine.
Rob Konrad - Finally started to flourish in Norv Turner's system. Unfortunately, he and the Fins seem to be far apart on negotiating a new contract. But I wouldn't overpay for a guy that averaged only 2 catches a game and was just a decent blocker.
Deon Dyer - Just signed a 2 year deal. Wasn't really utilized in Norv's offense. He should be. This guy is a hell of a blocker.
Leonard Henry - Will challenge Sedric Irvin for the number 3 RB position. He is raw, but has talent.
Robert Edwards - Happy that he made it back to the NFL. Now he'll have to make it elsewhere.
Keith Stokes - TCF (Training camp fodder.)

Chris Chambers - Some people criticize his production this year. But look who was throwing to him for 6 games! With a solid QB, this guy has Pro-Bowl talent.
Orande Gadsden - The Dolphins suffered when he departed for the IR. He'll test the free agent market, and will find that teams won't pay him what he wants. He could be back as a Dolphin.
James McKnight - His stats were down from last year, but he seemed to come along at the end of the season. Had a few big plays, and didn't seem to drop as many as he did in 2001.
Cris Carter - Go ahead and retire again will ya?
Dedric Ward - There is a reason that the Dolphins want to upgrade the receiver corp. He is part of the reason. It wouldn't surprise me if he doesn't make the final roster.
Robert Baker - Did not impress me as a return guy. I wonder how many years a guy can spend on the practice squad?
Terry Shawn - TCF
Randy McMichael - After a hot start, he seemed to slump some. But part of the reason was that Lucas was busy throwing passes to the defense as opposed to McMichael. He'll return as the starter in 2003.
Desmond Clark - Picked up off waivers by the Dolphins. After catching 51 passes the year before, he caught only 2 this season. I have no idea why the Fins didn't use him more. Some other team probably will.
Jed Weaver - He wants to be a starter elsewhere. He's decent, but nothing special. Good luck.
Ed Perry - He'll continue to be the Dolphin's long snapper until he is eligible for social security.

Mark Dixon - Did a better job at LT than anyone we've had there the last two years. But that isn't saying a lot. If he doesn't retire and is re-signed, he'll hopefully be moved back to his OG position. At least until he gets injured again.
Jamie Nails - For years, Dixon was considered our best offensive lineman. If Nails can recover fully from his injury, he could claim that title.
Tim Ruddy - The Dolphins have tried to upgrade over him. With a $3.1 million salary looming, they could finally do it this spring.
Todd Perry - He played better than he did last year. But that isn't saying much. He'll stick in Miami for at least another year.
Todd Wade - When he was wasn't busy getting flagged for holding or false starts, he did manage to do a decent job blocking. But there is still room for improvement.
Seth McKinney - Did fairly well filling in for Nails. Did the coaches see enough in him to boot Ruddy? Possibly. But I still think that McKinney could turn into a Ruddy clone.
Troy Andrew - Decent backup without a high price tag. He'll be around as a backup, but don't expect much more.
Greg Jerman - Ditto Andrew, only more raw. Will need to shine in training camp.
Marcus Spriggs - Wants to be a starter elsewhere. I don't care what he does, as long as it IS elsewhere.
Brent Smith - At the rate he's going, he'll be on a walker with a year. I'm glad that it will be somewhere other than Miami.
Dwayne Pierce - TCF

Jason Taylor - Just like Ricky Williams, his performance this season was wasted. And to think that some fans thought he was overrated. Let's hope that he can duplicate this year's success in 2003.
Adewale Ogunleye - Did a solid job as a first year starter. He ought to give some credit to Jason Taylor, who drew double coverage much of the time freeing Ogun. I think this guy will be the kind of player I was hoping that Lorenzo Bromell would have become.
Tim Bowens - Doesn't do much except plug the middle. But he does that rather well. So well in fact that he's headed to Hawaii. But he isn't getting any younger.
Larry Chester - Did a decent job in his first year at Miami. Will hopefully continue to improve.
Jermaine Haley - This guy is a solid enough backup that he could be starting for other teams. He's a restricted free agent, but I think Miami will bring him back into the fold.
David Bowens - Another restricted free agent who will probably return. He had two sacks and several QB pressures in limited play. A solid backup.
Jay Williams - I was very unsure when we gave up a fourth round draft pick for this guy. But he responded well with 22 tackles, 6 sacks, and a forced fumble as a part time player. And most of those were in the second half of the season. He'll hopefully continue to improve.
Rob Burnett - He didn't do as well as Williams, but he certainly improved over his 2001 performance. A decent backup veteran, but not much more than that.
Dario Romero - Mostly likely will spend another year on the practice squad if he stays with the Dolphins.

Zach Thomas - Continues to play at a very high level. But his age will catch up to him sooner or later. Hopefully later. Another top notch LB would help him tremendously.
Derrick Rodgers - Is a tough competitor with a chair, bit not on the field. He is due $2.85 million in 2003, so I look for him to move on.
Morlon Greenwood - He wasn't a playmaker in college, so why do we expect it from him in the NFL? He needs to be pushed by competition at his spot.
Tommy Hendricks - The Dolphins best backup at LB, and a special team's demon. He'll stick, but he won't push for a starting job.
Scott Galyon - What? He's still around? Decent on special teams but little else. He'll get replaced eventually.
Justin Seaverns - I like this guy. So did the coaches. But "like" won't get him on the field. He needs to develop if he wants to get off of the practice squad.

Sam Madison - Made the Pro Bowl as an alternate due to his name more so than his performance. He's a great cornerback, he just needs to play that way. I'm hoping he'll rebound from a less than stellar season.
Patrick Surtain - Finally got the recognition he deserved. Was Miami's best DB this year. Like Ricky and Jason, we are hoping that he can repeat his performance in 2003.
Jamar Fletcher - He improved as the year went along, but he still hasn't lived up to his 1st round pick billing. The Dolphins could/should look for some competition for him this off-season.
Brock Marion - Another solid season rewarded with a trip to the Pro Bowl. I sure wish this guy was 5 years younger.
Arturo Freeman - We let Brian Walker go because why? Actually, Freeman improved the second half of the season after a poor first half. But he needs to be pushed in training camp.
Shawn Wooden - Solid on special teams. Decent as a backup. This guy knows his place on the squad.
Scott McGarrahan - Great on special teams. Marginal as a backup.
Trent Gamble - See Scott McGarrahan.
Omare Lowe - I liked this pick on draft day. Now I want him to prove me right.
Paul Miranda - Never used by the Dolphins. Is a free agent who will most likely travel to some other team to spend time on their bench.
Alphonso Roundtree - TCF

Olindo Mare - Had an off year after signing a big contract. (Big contract for a kicker.) Needs to rebound to prove he is worth the $$$.
Mark Royals - Had a nice season if you don't count the big games. He's a free agent, but it looks like he is coming back.

--James Lancaster