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We want to know what you think of this site! All comments and criticisms are encouraged and welcomed. And while you are at it, sign up for the JL's Miami Dolphin Site newsletter, which will be sent to you whenever the site has been updated. Just click the little box, and your e-mail address will be added to the list. Your information will be kept confidential, and will not be given out to anyone.

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JL's Privacy Statement and Terms of Service Agreement
In an effort to show JL's Miami Dolphin Site's intent to maintain and keep its visitors' information private, I have created this page.

ISP Addresses
We use your ISP address only to help us diagnose problems with our web site. In no way, shape, or form is this information used for any other purposes.

E-mail Addresses
I want to assure all visitors to this site that I hate unsolicited e-mail as much as the next person. So if you decide to send e-mail to this site, and/or post your e-mail address on our message board, you can rest assure that your e-mail address will NOT be given out to anyone by the staff.

Message Board/Chat Room   
These forums are open to the public, and any information posted there is considered public information. The message board is a forum where fans are encouraged to discuss openly their views and opinions on the Dolphins and the NFL in general. However, there are a set of guidelines that we ask all posters to follow.

Please refrain from objectionable profanity, ie. F*ck, Sh*t, or any variation thereof.
Personal attacks and name calling will not be tolerated. Differing opinions are a fact of life, and debates can often times become heated. But posters are still expected to respect other posters' thoughts and opinions, and not resort to petty attacks and name calling.
Spamming is not permitted, and anyone who is caught doing so will immediately be banned. Take your advertisements elsewhere!
Any post that is deemed racist or derogatory in nature will not be tolerated and will be removed.

Should a poster violate these guidelines, they will be warned. Further infractions can and may result in revocation of posting privileges subject to the discretion of the administrator/moderator. The administrator/moderator of the forums have the authority to enforce these guidelines. Decisions by the administrator/moderator are final.  All problems and/or disputes need to  be addressed to the administrator in writing via e-mail at    Happy Posting!!